a mote of dust.

Born to very kind parents in a suburb of a third-world country, I tried (quite in vain), instigated by the taunt of Socrates, to examine life, to make sense of the world around me.

Aware of my insignificance, I try to find joy in the simplest things— a sunrise, a butterfly, arts, books, and music.

On most platforms, I can be found by my username uroybd. You can email me at connect@utsob.me. I am also active in Fosstodon.

a programmer.

Programming appeals to my logical being. I can emulate perfect systems to an extent inside a computer which is normally not found in the nature (or too complex to understand in one go).

This is also what I do to earn my living.

I enjoy programming in Rust, Python, and TypeScript. In my free time, I try to contribute to OpenSource projects, and solve programming problems. Most of such activities can be found on my Github Profile.

a writer.

I started writing because I found expressing myself verbally extremely difficult. After years of writing, I think it is no less hard to express myself in written form. Yet, the urge remains.

Writing is also a profession to me. Yes, it doesn't bring money, but I write with the utmost professionalism.

Most of my creative works can be found on my Blog.

a thought criminal.

In the Orwellian sense, I'm a thought criminal.

Freedom of one's mind is the human right #0 to me. Everything else comes after. I'm a pacifist, atheist, and anarchist (to an extent).

I nurture some of my thoughts in public in my Digital Garden. Unlike blogs, digital gardens are optimized for connected reading.